By Maurine Ojambo,

Young people have launched a new political party that intends to involve itself in the party showdown in the coming general elections. The launch of the Vitendo na Sera Party (VSP) followed days of political campaigns and quibbles across the country, expected to happen in August this year.

Speaking while giving out the certificate to Vitendo na Sera Party (VSP officials), the registrar of the political party Ms. Ann Nderitu said, “we are giving you this particular certificate to go out recruit members and sell your ideology and party objectives as per the Law. You have all the rights to go to use every platform and media to sell your party. We also encourage you to register as many members as you can in at least 24 counties across the country. The law requires you to register at least 1,000 members in each of the counties and have functional and operational offices in those counties besides the head office which coordinates the operations.”


Dressed in party colors VSP Members packed outside the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties at Lion Place, Westland’s, after receiving the provisional Certificate before proceeding to the party’s headquarters in Nairobi, to witness the launch of the Vitendo na Sera Party.


Vitendo Na Sera’s Party Leader, Jared Oundo, told the party members and the charged crowd that the new party affirmed equality, unity, political stability, equality and national consciousness of the citizens of Kenya.

“We are here to proclaim the greatness of our nation Kenya. The party we launch here today is an expression of our diversity. The party reinforce the ties that bind Kenyans together. We rise from the dust of oppression to reshape our beautiful country back to how our forefathers left it. Just as the wood plane is used to shape a piece of wood Vitendo Na Sera Party of Kenya (VSP) will shape the future of Kenya. Just as planes are used to flatten, reduce the thickness of, and impart a smooth surface to a rough piece of lumber, VSP will smoothen the lives of Kenyan citizens. Making everything in Kenya smooth. VSP will remove the tough and unwanted edges such as corruption, tribalism, illiteracy and poverty that are an obstacle to development. The plane will remove the dirt, remove the evil, remove desperation among Kenyan youths and prepare them for the new nation that will be symbolized with equality, unity, peace, prosperity and economic prowess,” added Jared Oundo the new party’s leader.

“The party is the first political party in Kenya to be registered under the new law of political parties where members are expected to be recruited and registered with their consent digitally. We encourage you also to register members using your online platform such as your website. We forsee a vibrant party from what you have demonstrated today and those other days you have been here during the registration process. From your name I can see you are unique and a serious party. Therefore I encourage you to continue with that seriousness,” said Locha Erukudi the Chairman of Registrar of Political Party Recruitment Committee.

With VSP eying for the 2027 general elections,  it has asked citizens to register in large numbers and join the new party in quest for new Kenya. Members can register through the party’s official website, the party’s mobile app as well as filling the physical forms. Plans are underway to come up with a USSD code for party’s registration process to make sure members are not registered without their consent.


“We won’t participate in the 2022 elections but we are excited to be in a neutral party like VSP that accommodates everyone from the young bloods, women, people with disability and the old, a party that is ready to abide by the law,” said the Deputy Party Leader Michael Joseph.


The process of registering Vitendo na Sera Party(VSP) started four years ago, in 2018 when the reservation of the name in the Office of the Registrar of Societies commenced.


“We have ambitions and we have decided to keep those ambitions checked. We had already started our campaigns but we decided to schedule our ambitions as a party to support the voice of Kenyans and it’s already clear that Kenyans already know who is going to be Kenya’s 5th president,” added the Party Leader.

The new political party aims to promote true devolution in the country. They also intend to evolve, develop and promote an economic policy direction that guarantees public participation in, and where necessary, control of the major means of production, distribution and exchange.


“Vitendo Na Sera Party is the most vibrant and promising party in Kenya. It is the party that will form the majority in both houses come 2027. It is the party that will form the next government. Don’t be left behind, Long Live VSP,” added Risper Kerubo a party member.


The party’s vision is to build a people-led democracy that protects the dreams and aspirations of this and coming generation. VSP’s mission is to help evolve a grassroots democracy and development in search of economic and political freedom, peace and unity.


“Our party will adopt various values and principles of governance; The Article of law, democracy, patriotism, national unity, sharing and devolution of power, and participation of the people, Equity, social justice, inclusiveness, equality, human rights, human dignity, nondiscrimination and protection of the marginalized, good governance, integrity, Responsibility, transparency and accountability and Sustainable development as we ensure Dignity, Patriotism, Unity, Professionalism, Loyalty, Big picture and Equity,” said Wycliffe Nandwa, VSP Secretary-General.

Those who would like to join VSP can fill the below form to be party members


About Vitendo na Sera Party (VSP)

Vitendo Na Sera Party (VSP), is a social-democratic political party in Kenya with the aims of forming the next government. Vitendo na Sera Party is committed to serving at all levels of governance, and to building a nation that guarantees equal opportunities for all, mutual and peaceful coexistence, respect and understanding, eliminating all forms of discrimination and social injustice among Kenyans, rendering selfless service that rekindles a deep sense of equality, patriotism and nationalism.

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