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Key Industry Leaders in various sectors were honoured in a major annual leadership award dubbed Pacesetters Awards (PSA) in a ceremony held at Panari Hotel Nairobi. This year’s award received a huge boost from various industry players that partnered with Jubilant Stewards of Africa (JSA), a Non-governmental organization, who are the organizers of this awards. The NGO which is dedicated to the improvement of living standards, social ethics, dignity and empowerment of communities has also been actively engaged in capacity building and training key various players in the private sector. NGOs display a key role in private entities for Corporate Social Investment (CSI) which was formally Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The Pacesetters Awards seek to honour industry leaders for their innovation, quality products, service provision, job creation, exemplary leadership, economic growth, and societal transformation. As a result, these awards are based on the economic and social impact rather than the balance sheet.

Some notable firms that were honoured in this year’s award and also featured in the previous PSA awards include; Digital lender Zenka Digital Limited, City Walk, the online shopping platform Jiji Kenya, Regional Leasing firm Vehicle and Equipment Leasing Limited (VAELL), Farm equipment rental platform TingA Rental Store, AVT Insurance Agency Limited, Mwananchi Credit, Digital Driving School and the Kampala based Fintech firm Service Cops. New entrants in this year’s Pacesetters Awards include; Mattress maker Super Foam, EV Charging Station Equipment Kenya (EVCHAJA), Staff Recruitment firm – Brighter Monday, Online Shops and Retailers such as AfricaSokoni and Amore Kenya, Sarma Enterprises and Nation Media Group.


“Pacesetters Awards considers a range of quantitative and qualitative aspects in order to determine and honour the winners. We initiated a novel survey model was initiated in 2020 as per the hyperinflationary environment and that is what we are currently using. The model has since been tested and it demonstrated its functionality, elasticity and robustness. Furthermore, models in various industries such as the financial sector were remodeled in order to enhance their significance to the current environment, enhance quality and increase the objectivity of results,” says Jared Oundo, Executive Director of Jubilant Stewards of Africa.


The Pacesetters Award’s committee categorized the companies on the list using a growth index formula to level the playing field among institutions of all sizes. Factors considered were both revenue growth for a period of three years and employee growth over the same period. Organizational growth, however, means different things to different organizations. The award considers these organizational growths.

A One Trading K Limited team receives a trophy and certificate during the Annual Industry Leadership Recognition Program dubbed Pacesetters Awards (PSA) . Receiving the Award are Anil Shah, the Director of A One Trading K Limited (third right), Pina Shah, the Director of A One Trading K Limited (center), and Evans, the Sales Manager of A One Trading K Limited (third left). Handing over the trophy and Certificate is FA Amish Gupta, the Nairobi Security Exchange Ibuka program implementation committee chair and also the Vice Chairman of the Kenya Association of Stock Brokers & Investments Banks (KASIB) (second right). On-looking is Jared Oundo, the Executive Director of Jubilant Stewards of Africa (Far-right), Dr. Mary Boniface, the CEO of JSA (Far-left) and Hon. Zack Kinuthia, Former Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage (second left).

The award-winning firms were spread into one of three categories: small company, midsize company, and large company. The anonymous investigation distinctively measured several drivers of engaged cultures critical to an institution’s success, comprising of customer and employee satisfaction and a company’s commitment to creating a caring and high-performing workplace.

The awards honoured institutions and individuals that have chosen not only to survive but to seize current adverse conditions to reshape mind-sets and behaviours, embracing the opportunity to innovate fresh solutions and make bold bets that spur growth. The Pacesetters Awards factor into how institutions and individuals have been able to innovate and solve various problems.

Speaking while being honoured as a Pacesetter in Ecommerce, Grace Gikonyo, Head of Public Relations, Jiji Kenya said, “the world is changing and so is the way of life of many people. The microwave generation has brought in the E-commerce way, which is now the future of shopping. Being awarded as the Pacesetter in E-commerce for the second time in a row, is such a huge recognition in such a time as this. This goes to show how we have adapted to customers’ expectations and showcase the dedication, expertise and sheer hard work in enhancing safety and improving the satisfaction of both the buyers and sellers on our platform. It is one thing to be hardworking, but it is another when your brand is seen, heard and celebrated.”


Threats to the endeavours of institutions and entrepreneurs are more real and more pronounced under the conditions such as those prompted by the virus and other global crisis such us Ukraine-Russia rivalry. To a greater extent, institutions need to make increasingly tough decisions faster, under conditions that are extremely, ambiguous, volatile, and normally with scarce information.


“We decided to host these awards in Kenya this year first, this will give several companies and the neighbouring an opportunity to participate. The last two awards were held in Nairobi, including 2020 and 2021 respectively, these awards drew entries from various firms and individuals from various African countries including Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone and hence the plan to move the awards closer to the participants later this year,” said Mr. Oundo.


Super Foam Limited’s Head of Marketing Sanskrati Shetty said, “we are glad to have been recognized the Pacesetter Award in Foam Manufacturing and Supplying. I would like to thank and appreciate our entire workforce that thrives every day to give their best so that our supplies the best to the world. our efforts have been recognized and this reinforces that we are headed to the right direction as a brand and organization. We thank Jubilant Stewards of Africa for recognizing us as key industry players.”


“We have been present in the Kenyan market since 2018, Our Growth in financial inclusion is influential, and is setting the standards for proper and exceptional digital lending. Through its transparent services, we have created trust within the Mobile digital lending industry. With its exemplary customer service, we are setting new standards, not only in borrowing but also in terms of collection, through flexible repayments and amounts that accommodate the interest of its customers,” said Zenka Digital Limited Director, Felipe Sanhueza.

Dr. Mary Boniface, CEO of Jubilant Stewards of Africa in charge of Kenya said, “one of our major tasks as an organization is to make the society better for everyone, one of the ways we do that is by encouraging the companies to continue doing their best so that they can keep contributing to the economy and of course make the country a better place. We have done it today, there was a good turn up and we have seen several companies get honoured. We look forward for a bigger and better event next year so that we can see who will have taken the space in terms of pacesetting.”

The Awards ceremony was graced by senior government officials, investors, and business moguls from around the world. Hon. Jaoko Oburu Odinga represented his Uncle, The former Prime Minister and Azimio Presidential Candidate Rt Hon. Raila Odinga as Chief Guest of this year’s awards. Raila was expected to grace the awards ceremony but due to tight campaign schedules he sent his nephew instead. Nigeria celebrated author and leadership coach Dr. Wale Akinyemi, FA Amish Gupta, the Nairobi Security Exchange Ibuka program implementation committee chair and also the Vice Chairman of the Kenya Association of Stock Brokers & Investments Banks (KASIB). Former Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage, Zack Kinuthia was among some of the notable guests in the event.

Companies and Individuals awarded were nominated by partners, employees, gratified clients and the general public, or had applied for the awards through the organization’s award portal on the website.

“We are gathered here this evening to recognise those amongst us who have excelled in different fields in the region. This is in recognition of their hard work. This is as it should be.  Only those who put in their all in their responsibilities should be recognised and be awarded appropriately,” said Hon. Jaoko Oburu Odinga on a speech directed to the awardees from Raila Odinga.

“As I acknowledge all those institutions who were honoured in this year’s awards, I laud every organization throughout the region that continually makes such a positive impact on people’s lives,” said FA Amish Gupta, the Nairobi Security Exchange Ibuka program implementation committee chair and also the Vice Chairman of the Kenya Association of Stock Brokers & Investments Banks (KASIB).

“Due to space constraints, our industry leadership survey only consisted of some of the winners’ achievements and market testimonials. It is worth noting that every recognized institution under each category is equally exceptional, and we give a round of applause to all the awardees for their exceptional performance. We remain committed to promoting an environment conducive to collaboration, fun, and community outreach,” said Jared Oundo.


Other notable Pacesetters Awards 2022 Kenyan chapter awardees included Village HopeCore International as Pacesetter in Economic Social Transformation, Top Gear Driving School as  Best Driving School, Siaya County  for Pacesetters’ in Blue Economy and Aquaculture, Octagon Pension Services, A One Trading K Limited, , Real Auto Spares Limited, MySpace Properties, Mybigorder Kenya LTD, R World Enterprises Limited, Dakawou Transport Limited, Hon Jaoko Oburu Oginga, Dawa Life Sciences, General Cargo Services Limited.


Jubilant Stewards of Africa (JSA) is a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to the improvement of living standards, social ethics, dignity and empowerment of communities. JSA is registered with the NGO Bureau of Kenya to conserve the environment, provide access to education, health care services, increase agricultural production, and promote peace. Over the years, we have been widely involved in leadership training, mentorship programs, Capacity building, business support, environmental advocacy and protection, training of farmers, crusades against drug and substance abuse, promotion of peaceful coexistence, campaign for responsible sexual behaviour to bring up a responsible and a dependable generation. As an Umbrella of NGOs and other Community-Based Organizations, we work with strategic partners to serve humanity.


Pacesetters Awards (PSA) survey is a one-year Industry leadership Recognition appraisal initiated by Jubilant Stewards of Africa (JSA), a Non-Governmental Organization, to celebrate industry leaders for their innovation, quality products, services, job creation, exemplary leadership, growing the economy and transforming the society. The winners in various categories were competitively selected through a thorough process that partly involved a public vote and a panel of judges.

PSA seeks to encourage organizations and individuals to go beyond the call of duty in their service to humanity. PSA awards don’t just look at excellence as being top in the industry but look at the processes involved and how organizations go out of their way to serve humanity. It also purposes to promote best practices and ethics in industry leadership. The awards are based on the Performance Index (OPI) where processes and systems are scrutinized and benchmarked against globally acceptable standards. Pacesetters Awards recognize and celebrate the key players in various categories who have over the years achieved outstanding results and made positive contributions to their industry growth.

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The institutions and individuals honoured included; (given trophies and certificates)


No. Company Name Award
1.       Zenka Digital Pacesetter in Mobile Financial Solutions
2.       Vehicle and Equipment Leasing Limited (VAELL) Pacesetter in Electric Vehicles
3.       AMORE Investments Pacesetter in Online Apparel Shopping & Retailing
4.       City Walk Kenya Limited Pacesetter in Fashion and Design
5.       Digital Driving School Pacesetter in Road Safety
6.       Mwananchi Credit Limited Pacesetter in Reliable Lending Solutions
7.       Jiji Kenya Pacesetter in E-Commerce
8.       Sarma Enterprises Limited Pacesetter in Provision of Construction Materials
9.       BrighterMonday Kenya    Pacesetter E-recruitment Platform
10.    ENA Coach Pacesetter Transport & Parcel Company
11.    Super Foam Limited Pacesetter in Foam Manufacturing & Supplying
12.    Certified Homes Limited Pacesetter in Affordable Housing
13.    EV Charging Station Equipment Kenya (EV CHAJA) Pacesetter in Electric Vehicles Charging Solutions
14.    A-One Trading K Limited Pacesetter Stationery Store
15.    Village HopeCore International Pacesetter in Economic Social Transformation
16.    AfricaSokoni Pacesetter in E-Commerce
17.    Top Gear Driving School Best Driving School
18.    Siaya County Pacesetter in Blue Economy and Aquaculture
19.    Nation Media Group Plc Pacesetter Media House
20.    Nuria Kenya Pacesetter in Bookstore & Office Supplies
21.    Octagon Pension Services Pacesetter in Retirement Solutions
22.    Service Cops Limited Pacesetter in Fintech Solutions
23.    Real Auto Spares Limited Pacesetter in Vehicle Accessories
24.    AVT Insurance Agency Limited Pacesetter in Insurance Agency Service
25.    MySpace Properties Real Estate Firm of Choice
26.    Mybigorder Kenya LTD Pacesetter in E-Commerce
27.    Prestige Shutttle Pacesetter Shuttle Company
28.    R World Enterprises Limited Pacesetter in General Contraction
29.    Dakawou Transport Limited Pacesetter in Transport and Logistics Services
30.    Hon Jaoko Oburu Oginga Pacesetter in Youth Development
31.    Dawa Life Sciences Pacesetter in Pharmaceutical and Animal Health Solutions
32.    Payday Fresh Ways Limited Pacesetter in Food Exportation
33.    TingA Rental Store Pacesetter Online Tractor Renting Platform