According to Cytonn investment, the Kenyan real estate market has grown exponentially as evidenced by its contribution to the country’s GDP which grew from 10.5% in 2000 to 12.6% in 2012 and 13.8% in 2016. To the investment firm, for the past two decades the growth in the industry is driven by;

  1. Infrastructural developments such as improved roads, utility connections, upgrade of key airports;
  2. Stable GDP growth which has averaged at 5.4% over the last 5 years against a Sub- Saharan average of 4.1%;
  3. Demographic trends such as rapid urbanization at 4.4% p.a against the world’s 2.5% and population growth averaging at 2.6% p.a; and
  4. High total returns averaging at 25.0% against 12.4% in the traditional asset classes.

These factors have therefore led to the development of unique trends across the various real estate themes, as investors sought to gain high returns and buyers sought aspirational lifestyles and quality products.

For the last twenty years the real estate in Kenya has been expanding steadily, as more and more Kenyans are interested in owning land and properties. This affluent has led to the development of many real estate companies and real estate professionals. You will always get help for any type of property you want to buy, whether it is a residential or commercial property.

According to the independent survey carried by our research team, the following real estate and property firms in Kenya were ranked to be the best as far as this industry is concerned. The list below is not put in any order though.

  1. Myspace Properties Kenya

On top of our list is the Mombasa based Myspace Properties.

Myspace Properties is a Real Estate and Property firm that offers a unique and unprecedented value proposition covering all the core skills and requirements fundamental to the success of a real estate venture. It is also among the firms incubated in Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) Ibuka programme. Myspace first appeared in the KPMG Top 100 rankings in 2018 and then 2019 became the top Real Estate firm in the list. Myspace appreciates the industry players for acknowledging our objectives and efforts to growing and becoming influencers within the Real Estate Industry.  Myspace Properties is a good choice when it comes to immersing yourself in real estate Kenya, development and the housing sector in Kenya. They aim to provide the best services and respond to Kenya’s real estate boom, specifically in Mombasa, benefiting buyers, investors, owners and developers to meet their needs.

Just recently, Myspace Properties announced that it will be unveiling modern mini-malls to meet the growing demand from retailers and vendors.  According to Myspace CEO Mwenda Thuranira,  the strategy was adopted owing to increasing large format retail store saturation levels in major towns and skyrocketing population that are living in new residential areas at lengthy commuting distances from larger retail centres, mini-malls will offer suitability purchase.  Pundits also argue that this strategy is because of the shrinking spacious land in urban centres amid growing population.   For more information please visit their website


  1. Optiven enterprise ltd Kenya

This is a reliable real estate agency in Kenya. The company is known for locating prime properties in Kenya. If you are looking for a place to invest, especially in the purchase of land, contact the team. Optiven offers customers the best deals at affordable and reasonable rates.

The projects proposed by Optiven are often futuristic and aim to help investors get a quick return on their money once they are launched. Strategic locations close to amenities often characterize properties, but their cost and payment plan are unbeatable.

For more information please visit their website


  1. Gakuyo Real Estate

Real estate Gakuyo too represents a unique opportunity for the investor in Kenya. You get a double benefit when you invest with Gakuyo. The company gives you the opportunity to own land and invest in agribusiness projects, allowing you to earn money as soon as the products are harvested.

Gakuyo real estate agents, who promise good value, manage this lucrative business. The project’s products are sold in the closest markets in Makongeni and Thika, which means that the project owners are guaranteed to make quick money once they have bought the land.

For more information please visit their website


  1. Amazon Valuers Limited

Amazon Valuers Limited is a firm of consulting Valuers and Estate Agents in Kenya. It offers professional valuation services which include: buildings, loose assets, furniture, motor vehicle, plant and machinery among others. They have fully trained and qualified members of staff deployed in various departments. They do the following Valuation, Property Management, Agency and Property Development among others.

  1. Azizi Realtors Kenya

Azizi Realtors was created to offer professional real estate consulting services by creating synergies in operational real estate through integrity, transparency and speed of service delivery.

The company’s executives and senior executives have a combined total experience of more than 30 years in real estate sales, leasing, property management and real estate investment consulting.

The company specializes in prime properties in Nairobi and the rest of the country.

  1. Enkavilla Properties

Enkavilla Properties Limited is a registered real estate company based in Kenya that offers real estate services.​Whether searching for a luxury estate, land or commercial space, Enkavilla Properties delivers a seamless service from start until completion. Enkavilla will simplify the tedious property acquisition process on your behalf by offering professional services. We have the most qualified staff and partners in real estate matters.

 For more information please visit their website

  1. Llyod Masika

Lloyd Masika Limited is one of the leading real estate agencies in Kenya and is registered. He provides professional valuation and real estate services in Kenya. Created since 1979, it is structured in three main departments, complementary in the provision of services.

For more information please visit their website


  1. Hass Consult Ltd

It is one of the top real estate developers in Nairobi whose impact is felt in Kenya since its creation in 1992. The company manages a number of real estate services, including consulting, sales, rental and management of commercial and residential buildings.

For more information please visit their website


  1. Villa Care Ltd

A company that owns some of the best real estate agents in Kenya. It focuses on providing quality, customized and customized services to clients. The fast and steady growth of the company ensures that you deal with the best in the industry.

For more information please visit their website

  1. Suraya Property Group

Suraya Property Group Ltd is a real estate company created in 2006 by Pete and Sue Muraya. Suraya Property aims to become the leading real estate development company in Africa by creating lifestyles that change the way people LIVE, WORK and PLAY through innovative, environmentally friendly and affordable developments.

For more information please visit their website

  1. Hayer One Ltd

Hayer one, one of the top upcoming Real Estate Property development company in Kenya in 2018, was created with a clear vision of providing high quality and personalized services to individuals, private sector companies and government clients in Kenya.

If you are a potential buyer and looking for a house or apartment, or need help in buying real estate in Nairobi, then you should visit Hayer One, a property management company with the best real estate agent in Kenya.

For more information please visit their website


  1. Canaan properties

Canaan properties was started in 2003 as a venture for selling land but has grown over time to offer comprehensive real estate services .The company has continually grown to selling properties and managing property within Nairobi and its environs. Canaan Ltd is a business registered by the registrar of companies and societies in Kenya No C. 122917.  The business provides property services ranging from letting, selling and managing of residential and commercial properties to development consultancy.

Property sales, Property Letting, Property Development Consultancy, Property Management

For more information please visit their website


In this East African country, the property industry is a free market in that the price of housing is driven by supply and demand. It follows the basic economic principle. The higher the demand, the higher the prices with the inverse also applying.

For the last past years, the Kenyan economy has experienced exponential progress especially among the middle-class. Various researches have reported that the disposable incomes of many citizens has improved, many Kenyans are able to construct their own homes and are also able to get mortgages to buy houses. This, in turn, catalyses the real estate sector.