By Christine Akinyi,

Over the weekend, through Mwenda Thuranira Foundation, over 150 needy students from Isiolo were awarded scholarships amounting to over Ksh 12,000,000. Mwenda Thuranira led the award ceremony and was accompanied by Former MP of Isiolo North Constituency, Muthaura Kiome among others. The Scholarship will benefit form 1-4 students.

The businessman also offered to pay fees for the kids of police officer James Taiteri who was killed in Burat Isiolo North. The family of the late James Taiteri will worry no more after Businessman Mwenda Thuranira offers to sponsor their sons’ education. This comes after the Police Officer was killed by bandits two weeks ago. Taiteri was based in Matabithi Police post. He has left behind a family of three including his wife and two sons. Their eldest son is in form two while the younger one is still in primary. Businessman Mwenda offered to pay for their fees through to high school and if they passed he will further their studies onwards.

Mwenda Thuranira, the MP Aspirant of Isiolo North poses for a photo after handing over a dummy cheque to the beneficiaries of Mwenda Thuranira Foundation Scholarship.

“James Taiteri served the nation and community well. He was efficient in his work and you could rely on him whenever duty came calling. Such nationalists should be supported whenever they are in need,” said Mwenda.

Schools have reopened and the widow who is a small scale trader was left in disbelief as her husband was the sole breadwinner. With her business she says that it will be hectic more so to manage the older son’s fees. Mwenda decided to take up paying for the older son’s fees and upkeep after consultations with the widow who said she would need more help on his side. He also pledged to further their higher education if they pass and wish to go on with their studies.

“As a leader and more so a parent, I commit myself to sponsor his schooling children up to Form four now that the breadwinner is no more. I assure them that in terms of education they should not be worried but rather just work hard and smart in their studies.” he added.

Mwenda Thuranira is a Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Investor, CEO and the founder of Myspace Properties. Through his experience and exposure, he has been able to transform the Real Estate industry and this has made him best known as the Realtor Pacesetter. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the businessman stretched his generosity together with other like-minded people to provide food, bedding, and shelter as well as take care of their day-to-day expenses. Mwenda and his team were able to feed over 5000 people from his pocket and Mwenda Thuranira Foundation.

Mwenda Thuranira with beneficiary of Mwenda Thuranira Foundation Scholarship after handing them the cheque 

Mwenda captures the spirit of the true hard worker through his journey of selling his belongings and moving to other countries in search of greener pastures, to working on construction sites.  He has worked in different sectors and says that all these contributed to the successful man that he is today. Currently, he runs successful ventures in various cities.

He said that education is the key pillar in his manifesto adding that no child should miss school due to lack of fees. Mwenda encouraged young people to elect leaders with integrity. He encouraged young people to turn up and vote for change. Mwenda Thuranira is vying for MP Isiolo North on PNU ticket which is under Azimio Coalition.

He told the people of Isiolo north that education will be his number one parliament when he gets into the next parliament and also emphasized the old adage that education is key to life.

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