As the automotive industry is off to the races in vehicle electrification and automation, Go Electric Limited, an Electrical and Solar Vehicle Dealer that provides EV solutions to the African market, offered residents free rides as it hosted an Electrical Vehicles (EVs) open day at Naivasha’s Buffalo Mall ground this Easter in a bid to create awareness on electrical vehicles and spur uptake of the EVs. The announcement was met with gratitude from Naivasha residents who lauded the EV dealer for the good gesture. Citizens across the country called on the dealer to extend such offers in their locality so that they can have a feel of riding in solar and electrical vehicles.

Speaking at Buffalo Mall Naivasha during the EV Open day, Managing Director Go Electric Ltd, Ms. Eve Maina said, “The wind of change to EVs is blowing across the world with many countries that produce the cars that we use here such as UK and Japan having already drafted laws that will prohibit sales for petrol and diesel cars by 2035, we must also create an environment that will make absorption of EVs. We must change with the times, the risk of not doing so will come at a high cost and will be very uncomfortable. It is crucial we get a head start in creating the necessary infrastructure and awareness at the time when the transition isn’t too urgent when we have the luxury of a bit of time to choose rather than being forced into it.”

According to the organizers, the e-Mobility Open Day focused on; EVs ownership & infrastructure, transitioning to electric, importing, financing, and management of EVs, as well as deliberations on commercial transport going electric. The open day was aimed at promoting electric vehicles, clean transportation, and alternative fuel access. The event also gave a stage for significant industry stakeholders to talk about clean mobility and raise awareness as well as to help in attracting possible investors in alternative fuel technology. The exhibitors said that electric automobiles will reduce the overdependence on petrol and diesel and therefore prevent such a crisis in the future.

Various EVs enthusiasts have held that if the government and private stakeholders work together to create a conducive environment it will encourage uptake even in rural areas. They maintain that this should also create a public-private partnership framework to enable private companies to take part in the development of this infrastructure and promote competition in the market. If the country can formulate and implement policies that will support the growth of EVs then we are sure to succeed. The policies ought to support the development of EV infrastructure.

“The company will invest in various electric and solar automobiles as Kenya prepares to fully go green. We have already set aside Kes. 2 billion to pump into the purchase of necessary units and install more charging stations across the country. At the same time, we have introduced fully solar and electric automobiles dubbed UTU in the country that have been made appropriate for the East and Central Africa region’s roads and terrain. The units are already in Kenya for testing before the official launch of other more advanced and high-end electric vehicles to suit various market segments. The units we are introducing range from saloon cars, buses, motorcycles, Tuk-Tuks and other automobiles on demand. We currently have fully Solar & Electric Tuk-Tuks ready for uptake. When you look at them you can definitely confirm that this is a game changer that will see significant savings in fuel and maintenance costs,” said Ms. Maina.

“We want to build better cities for people by offering more efficient and environmentally friendly mobility alternatives to reduce the individual dependence on personal cars, and therefore improve the overall quality of life: Reducing traffic; Decreasing emissions and noise pollution, Minimizing accidents, Relieving public space, while making transportation more accessible and affordable, To address this, we believe the solution is to move to smaller, lighter electric vehicles, shared mobility, muti-modality and to encourage more people to use public transport. That’s the only way we can build sustainable cities,” added Ms. Maina.

The open day brought together manufacturers, suppliers, engineers, thought leaders, and decision-makers as they dialogue and chat about the way forward on the latest developments in the advanced battery and automotive industries.


Go Electric Ltd is an Electric Vehicle (EV) dealer that provides e-mobility solutions to the African market. It offers a wide range of products from electric cars, tricycles, buses, motorcycles, and electric charging solutions. Go Electric Ltd is the sole dealer of Electric vehicles and solar vehicles dubbed Utu. Utu EVs are designed for African roads as they are designed in Kenya and manufactured in China hence offering a unique combination of local innovation and global manufacturing. The brand is currently available in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi, and Mozambique among other African countries.

It was recently recognized awarded in an attentional award dubbed Pacesetters Awards East Africa as the Pacesetter in Electric Mobility in East Africa. The company has been at the forefront of spurring the uptake of EVs through its various initiatives such as the establishment of various solar and electric vehicle charging hubs.

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