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This month Electrical and solar vehicle dealer, Go Electric Limited, is set to unveil its latest electrical and solar vehicle models in Rwanda, marking a significant stride in sustainable transportation. The company received a shipment comprising several units of its new model dubbed UTU saloon cars, reaffirming its commitment to offering eco-friendly and cost-effective mobility solutions. Positioned as a trailblazer in the East Africa region’s electric vehicle landscape, the firm plans to avail in the market over 1000 EVs by 2025, expanding its fleet to accommodate diverse preferences and needs. This comprehensive range will include not only saloon cars but also 3-wheelers, pick-ups, and trucks, confirming the company’s dedication to holistic and sustainable mobility solutions. The company has already signed up with various financial institutions that can finance consumers interested in the units. The unit prices are affordable starting from as low as 12,000 USD Onwards.

Speaking in Kigali Rwanda, Go Electric Limited’s Sales Director, Evans Komen, expressed enthusiasm about the UTU electric vehicles’ introduction, saying that they aim to accelerate EV adoption by offering high-quality, affordable options that cater to their customers’ diverse needs. He also added that the arrival of these new models emphasizes the company’s commitment to a cleaner, greener future for Rwanda and Africa as a whole.

The UTU model is competitively priced, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers not only in Rwanda but other parts of Africa. Their affordability redefines sustainable transportation, making it more accessible than ever. Go-electric Limited has begun operations in Rwanda, new units (Saloons) were recently delivered, targeting to sell to ride-hailing companies, and corporate fleets transitioning from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to Electric Vehicle (EV).

He added that the firm envisions a future where sustainable transportation is both environmentally conscious and economically viable. By introducing competitively priced electric vehicles and expanding its fleet in 2024, the company aims to spearhead regional transition to a sustainable and eco-conscious automotive landscape. Africa has been diligently working on an e-mobility program that outlines a phased transition to electric buses, passenger vehicles, and motorcycles starting in 2020. This visionary move aims to replace conventional vehicles and significantly reduce transport fuel imports and the associated greenhouse gas emissions.

The firm’s management said that it has laid out ambitious plans to roll out a driver-training program in the East African region to support the transition into EVs. The Kenyan EV maker has also inked various partnership agreements with various industry players to manufacture and develop various Electrical and solar vehicles that will meet the demand in the market where Go Electric Ltd through its Corporate Affairs team and consultants will provide research and development, technology consulting services and sales agent services to overseas partners.

The EV Dealer is establishing a robust charging infrastructure across key Rwandan locations through strategic partnerships with local stakeholders. This collaboration aims to ensure convenient and widespread access to charging stations, facilitating the seamless integration of electric vehicles into the country’s transport network.

“We are investing USD 20,000,000 to import more vehicles and help the country as the global attention shifted to e-mobility. This investment will not only contribute to sustaining the country’s transportation infrastructure but also align with Rwanda’s commitment to sustainability and green initiatives. While the world embraces e-mobility, our focus on importing more vehicles will ensure accessibility and affordability in the local market. Additionally, this strategic investment aligns with Rwanda’s economic growth trajectory, providing employment opportunities and fostering technological advancement within the automotive industry. In the next five years we will be growing much faster than the industry growth which means that we can enlarge our market share without necessarily focusing on the profits but the impact we create,” said Mr. Komen.



Go Electric Ltd is an Electric Vehicle (EV) dealer that provides e-mobility solutions to the African market. It offers a wide range of products from electric cars, tricycles, buses, motorcycles, and electric charging solutions. Go Electric Ltd is the sole dealer of Electric vehicles and solar vehicles dubbed Utu. Utu EVs are designed for African roads as they are designed in Kenya and manufactured in China hence offering a unique combination of local innovation and global manufacturing. The brand is currently available in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi, and Mozambique among other African countries.

It was recently recognized awarded in an attentional award dubbed Pacesetters Awards East Africa as the Pacesetter in Electric Mobility in East Africa. The company has been at the forefront of spurring the uptake of EVs through its various initiatives such as the establishment of various solar and electric vehicle charging hubs.

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