By Mourine Haminja

We take this earlier opportunity to emphasize and strongly condemn the action by a group of Boda Boda riders involved in defiling and assaulting a woman on 7th March 2022 an action that shook the country. We call for investigative police intervention and arrest of those involved in such a despicable act.

Baraza La Taifa and Bunge La Mwanainchi, Boda Boda Riders have joined hands and called for countrywide online and offline Processions to Kenya Parliament tomorrow 10th March 2022.

We call for our customers countrywide to show solidarity with those arrested and those whose bikes have been illegally impounded and trumped-up charges of obstruction preferred against them.


We once again state that, its uncalled for and a total impunity for a Court in Kenya to bend to the whims of Executive and penalize over 200 Boda bodas with an astronomical bail of Ksh 35,000/= the Judiciary ought to be a neutral body dispensing justice and no undue influence should be entertained, especially in such a sector which does not have laws or policy guiding the process, our call to all judges and magistrates countrywide is to adhere to principles dispensing fair hearing  under article 47 (1) Which states that every person has the right to administrative action that is expeditious, efficient ,lawful, reasonable and procedurally fair,(Noteworthy under Penal Code Traffic Act has not defined an offence caused by motorbike such as obstruction) we once again demand Office of the Director of Public Prosecution to drop these frivolous countrywide arrests and arraignment in courts, until laws are enacted to guide the sector, any attempts to confiscate and  intimidate citizens and poor Kenyans earning a honest living will be fought tooth and nail, boda bodas are legal enterprise world wide. The problem faced today as a sector has been experienced in other countries, how those countries solved the problem should be studied and applied in Kenya.

We wish to reiterate that in any unregulated industry there tends to have few miscreant ,if the government needs to collect taxes from each and every boda ,they should have stated so, using Passenger Service Vehicles (PSV) laws to obtain illegal levies from over 2.4 Million Boda-Bodas is uncalled for.i.e Aquiring Motorbike Driving Lincense (Costs Ksh 8,000) Applying for Good Conduct Certificate (Costs Ksh 1200), establishing a Sacco’s (Costs Ksh 25,000), establishing routes (Payment to NTSA Ksh 80,000), have reflector uniforms (Costs Ksh 2500), have valid insurance cover (Per month costing Ksh 3500 an ambiguity insurance cover)  helmet for passenger (Ksh 1000 Amidst Covid regulations) pay county daily parking fees (Ksh 100) and yearly terminus and designated parking payment (200,000).


Fellow Kenyans the above astronomical charges and levies targeting boda bodas is uncalled for and a honest national discussion should be embraced.

We reiterate we will not support any political agenda in addressing the  issue of Boda-Bodas we are not apolitical nor will we be, similarly we call on all Kenyans to understand an injustice to one is an injustice to all, if a woman is attacked, defiled, raped in any part of the country it calls for all Kenyans solidarity and condemnation.


In the spirit of International Women Day  we stand with all women and girl child. But wish to state that we strongly condemn the actions of few boda bodas riders and wish to state we support and stand for women rights and plight of girl child everywhere in this great country.


We wish to reinstate here that over 80% of Boda Bodies are repaying  loans translating into Billions per month. We also take cognizant to high number of boda boda riders and passengers hospitalized due to fatal accidents caused evading motor vehicles accidents.


We call for County Government and National Government to establish motorbikes and bicycle paths to avoid this fatal accidents and injuries.


Government should by now know Boda Bodas and bicycles are second countrywide Job opportunity creators after Matatus. Its estimated Bodas and bicycles per day have a turn over of taxes totaling over Ksh 300 Billion per year. Coupled with an astronomical foreign importation of motorbikes and spare parts charges.

Since KRA is planning for avenues to collect more taxes from ignorant masses in an already overburden  industry, we point out to Kenyans and all citizens that millions of Kenyans tends to loss their source of livelihoods as a result of such unfortunate woman assault situation, we ask why condemn the entire industry due to few miscreant, we call for government to have a human face in addressing the above issue.


We re emphasize the industry has been exploited and extortion targeting Boda bodas by both National Government and County Government officers MUST stop henceforth, if the industry is regulated through an act of Parliament.


We call for review of 1948 Penal Code on matters related to Traffic Act -Chapter 403- We call for enactment of Motorbike Transport Service. That is regulations on driving licensing category,  highway code, designated parking. Traffic Signs, penalties on offences by drivers of motorbikes and other road users, suspension, cancellation of license, inspection of motorbike and detention of motor bikes and bicycles